110 sketching/drawing ideas

A Follow-up to my post;  “Thousands” of writing and drawing ideas.

A new sketchbook and nothing to draw? I made a list of 110 sketching/drawing ideas, maybe you can draw one of those?

  1. an appel
  2. your shoes
  3. a bottle
  4. a keyring
  5. sunglasses
  6. different types of trees
  7. a man on a bike
  8. different types of buildings
  9. a flower
  10. a sailboat
  11. the view outside your window
  12. a plate of food
  13. a lake surrounded by trees or mountains
  14. a flying bird
  15. your favourite animal
  16. a car
  17. a plain
  18. a copy of a painting
  19. your best friend
  20. a knife and a fork
  21. a glass of water
  22. a dragon
  23. some coins
  24. a vegetable
  25. a house of gingerbread
  26. an elephant balancing on a giant ball
  27. a screwdriver
  28. a hunting fox
  29. a pencil
  30. an old factory
  31. an old train
  32. a row of different types of eggs
  33. a birds nest
  34. a pile of rubber bands
  35. a fountain
  36. a statue
  37. a busy street
  38. a bus full of passengers
  39. a girl or a boy swimming
  40. a rubber duck
  41. a hand
  42. dices
  43. monopoly (or other) game pieces
  44. your computer
  45. a raging river
  46. a wooden chair
  47. a witch
  48. an old suitcase
  49. a monster
  50. a bat
  51. a boat
  52. someone finding a hidden treasure
  53. an engine
  54. a melon, cut in two
  55. your eyes
  56. a decoration with candle lights
  57. a child playing at the beach
  58. a castle
  59. horse and a carriage
  60. a greenhouse
  61. the view from an aircraft
  62. an old well
  63. a window display
  64. the easter bunny
  65. a radio
  66. someone resting in a hammock
  67. a landscape full of snow
  68. an old church bell
  69. a bowl of fruit
  70. a package of grain
  71. spinning wheels
  72. seaweeds
  73. the man in the moon
  74. your favourite childhood character
  75. a person walking on his/her hands
  76. a clown
  77. a bug
  78. an old teapot
  79. an old fisherman
  80. your child (or maybe your own) favourite toy
  81. icicles
  82. marbles
  83. a pile of rocks
  84. a music stand
  85. a conductor (music) in “action”
  86. a flying superman/woman
  87. a person that stumbles
  88. a saxophone
  89. an open book
  90. a mermaid
  91. a table
  92. a pair of socks
  93. an old mill
  94. a waterfall
  95. a spooky forest
  96. a threshing machine
  97. your favourite dessert
  98. a bean plant (maybe a magic one?)
  99. a pile of clothes
  100. a lamp
  101. apple peels
  102. a worn-out shoe with a mouse hiding in it
  103. a flower pot on a staircase
  104. a leaf
  105. a beautiful sunrise
  106. a cloudy sky
  107. a pinecone
  108. a teddy bear
  109. a Christmas tree
  110. a jumping jack toy




“Thousands” of writing and drawing ideas

Have you had that feeling of nothing to write or draw? You really try to twist and turn your brain and force some ideas to pop up, but there is nothing there. Here is my little go-to solution;

If you don’t know the topic at all;

  • Go for a walk or take a look around you where you are right now. Use your eyes, what do you see of things around you, how is it made? What is it used for? Does it exist several types of it? Can you use it to something else? Does it make something (e.g. a knife cutting a tomato), if so, what? Ok, let’s say we are thinking about a knife cutting a tomato, tomatoes can be used for several dishes, maybe you could write about different tomato soups, for instance, variations of tomatoes, tomato plants? That again can lead to soil, growing, fertilizers, weather, greenhouses, animals eating tomatoes, people working at a farm… Knives again can lead you to think about the beginning of a story, types of knives, all the things you can do with knives can lead you further to other things… and suddenly one of those things is exactly what you needed to come up with the right topic, or at least hopefully…

If you know the topic;

  • Make a list of absolutely everything you can come up with having a connection to that topic. Write down “stupid” ideas too, they can lead you to something else. Then you can choose a few of them and see if there’s another lead to something you can draw or write about.

I always keep the lists so that I can reuse them later. It is truly a thousand of topics out there.