On the side, Where fairytales begin

I often go outside for inspiration. Nature is, to me, a place where fairytales begin. Trees and bushes, roots and moss, hiding places for big and small.

A sound,  somebody or something walking, you can`t see it, but you know it`s there. Maybe behind that tree looking curiously at you, holding its breath.



Under a root, are you sure that it`s nothing there but bugs, earthworms, and dirt? Maybe a gnome, or a tiny creature you never heard of before.  Be careful where you walk, so you don`t step on someone enjoying the sun.


A mysterious path into the shadows I wonder where it leads, who will I meet if I walk past that old well and into the dark?







Twigmania, Moomin

I had a hard time deciding whether I should publish this twigdoodle or not. I tried over and over to see something else, but no, it kept on insisting being a Moomin.  A Moomin it was and a Moomin it is. A well known Moomin.