I`ve always had a lot of imagination and I love drawing. I know I`m not good  -in a traditional way of seeing it – still, I`m totally cool with how my doodles and drawings turn out. I have a lot to learn, hope you will see progress during my time of blogging. Regardless, I will share the tips and tricks that I learn during my journey.

I decided to start this blog mainly because of two things; 1. I wanted to share my love for doodling 2. There are sadly some people out there who stop doodling/drawing because the result is not what they wanted.

I was one of the quitters. After a lot of trying and disappointments – I never seemed to find “it”. I started drawing again several times and every time was a failure.  One day the thought of my ability to see figures in twigs and other objects came to my mind. And the idea of combining two useless abilities for one that I could use was born.  Now I`m a happy doodler

I`m bitten by Twigmania (a word I started to use April 2018 to describe my ability to see figures in twigs everywhere, constantly)  Twigs are probably my favorite when looking for motives to my doodles. A house full of twigs is a house full of stories to me.

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Continue doodling and remember to fly