On the side, summer nights

Some days seem to disappear without me noticing it. I`m busy working right after breakfast and suddenly it`s lunch. I`m hungry, but it feels like it`s ten minutes since the last time I ate. Then what feels like twenty minutes later, the clock says it`s bedtime. Where did the hours go? I`m not tired at all. It must be a mix of fun, summer nights that never go dark and higher temperatures than ever for weeks.  So, instead of staring at the roof all night long if I`m not able to sleep, I decided to be productive instead.  A few days ago I brought some of my drawing equipment into my bedroom.  I got different papers, pens, notebook, eraser, and a pencil, all ready for the night.


Two nights ago I slept only 3 hours and still, I wasn`t tired last night either. On the other hand, I sometimes feel like hibernating during wintertime. Maybe I got sleep storage the extreme edition, filling up during winter and reducing in summer.  Now I got loads of sketches. Maybe I should store them until winter?



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