On the side, following Heffanutt

Three chapters posted and I`m still here. My hand is worn out from illustration marathon the last three weeks. It`s so fun to draw, so I happily spend most part of my days working, knowing it`s an end to it.

At first, when I posted the first chapter, I thought I would follow Heffanutt and hide in the nearest closet. Got the feeling that I would like to put on a helmet. I`m proud of me posting, I did what I said I would do. It is possible to aim for your goals and dreams even if it`s scary sometimes. I haven`t reached my goal yet, but I have started the journey of my dreams.

Now what? A short break I think before I start to write the next story. I haven`t time to rest too long. Have you ever felt that it is something you really have to do, that you can`t get there fast enough? But it isn`t possible yet, so I sort of feel that I`m jumping up and down in impatience. – That`s what I feel about The ant king and Heffanutt right now. –  I have promised my little friends to tell the story of when The ant king met Heffanutt too. Then we will see, I have some ideas.









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