On the side, not a writer has to write

What have I gotten myself into…

Last week I had to open a new blog dedicated to two fellows who kept on insisting. I got lots of reasons why I shouldn`t, but they wouldn`t leave me alone.

I`m not a writer and my drawings and doodles on a hobby level. I have no idea where this going to lead me, if anywhere.  I jumped into it, maybe it`s a failure to be, or maybe it could develop further.  I only have a few paragraphs of two stories and the rest of it in my head. Crazy?

This year I have decided to challenge myself and go for every opportunity which could lead to fulfilling a dream that I have,  be tough and say yes. That`s why I`m here. Writing?  I really have to laugh when thinking about it.  I do like to write and I have lots of imagination, but from that to actually write something.

I see the fun of trying, even if it fails at least I tried.  I have no doubt that I will learn a lot, and that`s the part of it that I like the most.  And I`m curious if it`s possible, and how it`s going to turn out. Well, either you are going to shake your heads and close your eyes to the lousy story that I`m writing or it`s going to be ok. I have decided to go for it, both scary and fun.

A bend in the road and a new path in front of me.





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