On the side, figures everywhere?

Wednesday, more thoughts…

It’s a psychological phenomenon called pareidolia which causes us to see faces and other figures in everyday objects.  It`s said to be something we learn in the stone ages when we had to be alert to other living creatures. We needed to find prey and we needed to be aware of potential danger.

Imagine living way back when humans were scarce. You definitely needed to identify creatures, quick. What a contrast to European Citylife 2018.

We still see those faces and figures, and especially when you first start noticing them.  I have always noticed shapes around me wherever I am, but when I started to record them the numbers have risen enormously.  Sometimes I can`t register fast enough, they keep flooding in.  Whoa, slow down!

It is said that pareidolia also has to do with recognizing people we know, pretty important. I think it`s a fun ability, especially since it helps me with my doodles.  I wonder why I seldom see objects like a boat for instance, but lots of animals and a face now and then. Why do some people see more of one thing than the other? Maybe simply things you are interested in or familiar with. I do love animals. Could be.

Do you notice the figures around you too? What do you see?



















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