On the side, first post. Hi!

I`ve concluded that I need a place to write about different topics related to doodling and my blog.  There are questions that I ask myself while doodling, things that I`m curious about, and sometimes I just want to write nothing and everything.  I wanted a place to share my thoughts.   This post is the first post “On the side”.


Today I`m sharing my thoughts on a very, very important topic. Saying hi to the readers of my blog.  I wouldn`t be here if it wasn`t for you.  I`ve been here about 5 weeks now, talk about being late.  I`m really sorry

So how do I say hi? I would love to say good morning, good afternoon, good night and so on but you live all over the world. I can`t list all alternatives, or I could and ask you to choose the right one for you.  I want to say hi to each and every one of you with one word or phrase, so I guess I won`t.

And then there`s the language.  This post is written in English, so you all understand hi and hello. We have become a world of travelers so most of us, at least understand hi in a foreign language. Bonjour, Guten tag, hei, ciao. Wonder if it`s okay with you if I use one word from an additional language? Or would it be odd?

Maybe hi is too simple, I`ve searched the internet and found different ways in English; How`s it going, what`s up, what`s new, good to see you, how do you do and so on and so on.. but nothing seems to suit me.  Maybe I should use hello after all, or what would you say?

No, I think I stick with hi, that`s me.  Hi readers!!







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