Your drawing/doodle is perfect!

Reasons to draw/doodle even if your “not as skilled” as everyone else. Don`t think you can’t draw, just do it.

  • Just for the fun of it
  • It`s relaxing
  • It`s good for your mental health
  • You are getting better at drawing/doodling
  • If you love it and it doesn`t hurt anyone, why not?
  • Don`t let other peoples fantastic art let you down, everybody got their own style
  • Look at my crooked lines ;D
  • (With a hint of humor) bad drawings/doodles stand out more, “no one” posts them
  • Try a different technique or style, it might help.  (My technique of doodling first and then see what it is helped me having fun again.  It`s always a surprise to me what I`m doodling)
  • It can bring a smile to your or another person`s face
  • You will always have something to do when it`s quiet
  • Your creativity will grow
  • Remember to fly


man on a bike


Fly free



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